Thursday, May 15, 2014

Missing Links to Learning More: RE@L's New Products Fill the Curriculum Gaps!

Time in school is a fixed quantity.  Some yell for more, others scream too much already!  Kids spend the time, teachers perform admirably and yet too many test scores do not rise.

There is a need for a RE@L solution.  One that is not more testing and retesting,  while taking away valuable learning time.

Our schools need to harness the opportunity presented by the advent of mobile technology and iPads available in schools and homes and everywhere.  

RE@L provides, effective, tested, supplementary teaching/learning materials for teachers and parents to use with their kids.  RE@L apps cut across subject lines and cover what we call Practical Life Skills.

Life Skills are essential to life and living. Often referred to as Family and Consumer Science or (FACS), these needed key skills have been crowded out of the K12 curriculum. 

RE@L has THE answer to fill that learning gap of missing learning skills. A new set of mobile apps that address, present and teach those skills to kids on their own time. Most important, they are so much fun kids will want to do it on their own time.

What are some of the important skills kids missing today?  What is on the minds of these "Tween" learners today, as they make way through the the crowded K12 curriculum? 

Here are some RE@L "need to knows":

   Learning to make and choose meals/snacks that are healthy
   Knowing basic budgeting skills to use their money wisely
   Becoming smart consumers, ones who spend their money wisely
   Knowing social etiquette: working in a group, building relationships.
   Understanding how to care for young children.

RE@L’s Practical Life Skills  product line is designed to provide apps that cover the whole range of  Child Care & Teen Wellness & Study Skills, including Teens and Money.  RE@L uses unique and effective app presentation of content that involve the kids and motivate them to learn more. 
Stay tuned to this blog for more postings about this important issue.  Courtesy of RE@L and coming soon to an Apple App Store near you is first Practical Life Skills app:  Babysitting, Inc. 

            We think it is a game changer – we will want to know what you think. Let us know. It's our mission to continually improve our products.

 RE@L will be there to help students, parents and teachers help make it happen. 

From RE@L! 

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