Thursday, May 15, 2014

Babysitting, Inc - It's All About Tweens Building a Business!

What's a "Tween", you say?

Why, it's those tens of millions of kids out there between the ages of 10 and 16 who know they need to know more about finding a job they like. Even more, they want to know about building a successful business on their own. After all, they are growing up in a world of new opportunities.

That's called "Learning for Life!" folks. That's what RE@L's new learning apps and products are all about: learning now skills you can use now, and also later in life. We call them Practical Life Skills.

So, we are very proud to announce to students, teachers and parents the release of our newly updated Babysitting, Inc - Get Organized mobile app for your iPad!

It's targeted for kids who want to learn these new RE@L Practical Life Skills. This updated version has just been released! It includes new and helpful videos that literally show kids and parents the tips and tricks to successfully getting their babysitting service up and running.

Babysitting, Inc helps kids start a competitive business, offering competent, safe babysitting services to their community. This interactive mobile app shows them the steps from start to finish.

Full of unique features this app includes a number of firsts:

•   Exemplary uses of purposeful media tools
•   Embedded social media, including many helpful features that ensure useful sharing among users
•   Powerful use of Apple's many iPad features: the contacts list; the new still and video camera; the connective communication features of mail and sharing among users, anywhere and everywhere.


•   You will find many new helpful tools like the calculator to calculate your expenses and profits.
•   You will discover options for that allow for either step-by-step structured learning, as well as random exploration.
•   You will note there are a wide range of useful stored symbols and logos for making your own business cards. Let the computer help you generate your own, personal designs and business tools:

Here's an excerpt from a brief video introduction about many of the cool features of Babysitting, Inc from  tween 14 year old Sam.

Click here for Sam's brief video.

Yes, there's more to come: Babysitting, Inc: Eye on Safety will be followed by Babysitting. Inc: Active Ideas, and then by Babysitting, Inc: Ages and Stages

All you need to know is here in this series of apps, all the steps to get started with confidence, and the training to back it up, and the tools to launch your own new. successful babysitting business. 

RE@L has more Real Life Practical Skills in the mobile app pipeline: Child Care, Social Life, Teen Wellness, Consumer Life Skills and more…… 

We all know kids today need to know more. 

RE@L has those answers!  

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