Thursday, September 10, 2015

So you want to teach Kindergarten, do you? Listen up!


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"I Dare to Dream and Achieve....Please Help These Few Who Want to Help Me"

My name could be Rosa, or Maria, or Jocita. I am one of a small group of girls who need your help.

I live in a poor village in the hills of Guatemala. My father is dead, or he's gone, or he cannot find work to support us. My mother loves us but is desperate. She will take any job to find food for our table. Any matter how demeaning it may be. It is very sad.

But, yes, I still dare to dream. I want to learn. I want to achieve. I want to use my God-given gifts to better my own life and help others better theirs, too. Many of my friends are young girls like me who share my dream, who want to learn, who want to have a better life.

We have a very good man who comes here often from his country to help us dream and achieve. His name is Hugh Mcelroy. We call him "Papa."
Papa Hugh with some of his girls....

He has built a place where 15 girls about my age live together and go to school to learn and make our lives better and hopeful.

There is only "Papa Hugh" and a few others here to help us.

He does not want to change the world.

He wants to help change our world here. He wants to give us the chance to go to school, to learn new skills, to change our lives. Then we can help change the lives of the others we know and love.

He needs your help to help us. We hope you can help him help us! We need your help, too.

Hugh "Papa" Mcelroy knows he can't save the world or solve all the problems, but he can help these two dozen or so young girls from a poor village in the Guatemala hills try to change their lives for the better.

Like the young boy in this famous Starfish Story, he can't save all those in need, but he can save some of them.

Here is Hugh's mission in his own words:

"So many young girls in Guatemala do not get the chance to grow up and become strong, educated, confident and capable women. They are unable to reach their God-given potential in their intellectual, spiritual, moral and social lives.

"Women are often the heart of a modern society but in Guatemala, they are frequently marginalized and impoverished, so much so that it is impossible for young girls to become capable, independent and productive adults.

"They need support during these critical years and we at Asociascion Mujer Atervete (AMA) provide it for the small number we can accommodate."

Our Mission Statement is:"To transform the lives of these young girls through education and character development." We provide this with: a safe community living environment; help in selecting a school that meets their needs; personal guidance; leadership training; career assessment; and school financial aid.

We currently serve 12 young girls in live in our community home and 3 who attend a nearby university.  Our total budget for the entire year is $100, 000. We could seek grants from major foundations, but instead we wish to solicit these funds from a smaller number of individual donors, those who want to take a more personal interest in the well-being of these young girls, and witness the far greater likelihood of their more satisfying, successful lives and careers.

We are not designed nor are we able to serve all those in need. 
But we are committed to serve this small number who walk these paths on our Guatemalen hillside. 

We know, with your help, we can make a lifelong difference to 15 of these young girls.

Your one-time or recurring donation can help us better their lives.
They will, in return, thank each and every one of you.

Will YOU help us help them? 

If you have any questions, please contact Hugh Mcelroy directly at: