Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Here At Last: Super-Blog! Able to leap tall blogs in a single bound, faster read than a speeding bullet....More De-Fog with Super-Blog!

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After 3 years of bloggin on two different, but topic-related websites, it has finally occured to me, "Why not repost what I write on one of them, also and occasionally on the other?"

Why not, indeed! I'm not getting faster with my typing, and often find lately that trying to hold two large thoughts in mind is a lot harder than it used to be.

Since I started my De-Fog Blog several years ago, I now have over 20,000 views of this blogsite. Why not spread a Better, Broader Blog Defogger?

So, every now and then, I'll repost a blog from our Real Experiences at Learning website, where I currently serve as Blog-Meister with my long friend and Co-Editor, Dale LaFrenz, he of great MECC software fame.

Think "Oregon Trail" learning simulation game....for example.

So here's a recent RE@L blog link below. The topic for this one is, believe it or not, on the recent induction of MECC's "Oregon Trail" into The Strong Museum Video Game Hall of Fame in May, 2016.

Click this link:   RE@L Blog on MECC's Hall of Fame Game: Oregon Trail

I'd be grateful for your thoughts on reading it, or any suggestions you might have. Just comment below.

Need a prod to get started, "Did you ever die from dysentery?"

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Tom King said...

I did! Die from dysentery, that is....on my way to Oregon in a wagon train.

Dale LaFrenz said...

Dear DR Super Blogger

Tom King said...

We had no cure for dysentery back then but moonshine....it helped a little but not a lot.