Thursday, March 27, 2014

Let's Get RE@L with Our Mobile Apps for Learning!

The times are a-changing in K12 learning, and faster than ever before. More is being asked of our teachers and students, and there's less time in which to do it.

Do what?

Take K12 teaching to the next level so that it better addresses the needs of each of our learners.

Create better learning tools so that each student has both the motivation and the resources to better learn what's needed.

Step right up, folks! There's a new leader in land of learning tools. A RE@L leader!

RE@L is a highly-experienced team of educators and developers with a proven track record developing game-changing educational technology products. This is the team who brought us the classic Oregon Trail, the most played learning game of all time. They're a team of state-of-the-art experts in app development, digital marketing and gaming. In 3 words they are a team that provides "Innovation with Experience".

Why is this important to educators? Why is RE@L worth following on Facebook and other social media? In short, RE@L is a learning game changer in K12 teaching and learning.

RE@L provides a useful array of tools that address different teaching and learning needs, from basic skills reinforcement, to STEM-based project based learning on real world topics like the importance of Water Quality, to their latest mobile app "Babysitting®" which helps kids build their own quality babysitting business, to exciting new simulation game-based products in their pipeline which will take team-based learning to the next level. Here are their current mobile apps and the RE@L beginning of what's to come:

These products are now all available from our: RE@L Website . Click to see more.

Stay tuned to this blog. There's more to come! More to help you and your students find new, exciting  learning tools that address standards and bring more fun and games into your classroom where RE@L learning happens.

If you have any questions, comments, input....please take a moment and pass them on to me below. 

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